August 23, 2018

Whilst crime is extremely low in the North Cotswolds, Chipping Campden did experience a number of incidences earlier this year, and on two occasions shops on the High St were broken into.


The Town Council has been looking at ways in which crime can be prevented and, following discussions with the police and other rural towns, they have concluded that the installation of a discreet CCTV system in the High St would be the most effective deterrent.

Unsurprisingly the cost of installing CCTV is not cheap.

The Campden Business Forum fully supports this initiative and believes the installation of CCTV will be of major benefit to the business community. This is why we are taking the unusual step of asking whether companies (and residents) on the High St who will directly benefit, would like to contribute to the installation costs of the system.

The plan is to keep this appeal short and sharp. We presume that if a business or individual wants to participate they will do so quickly, and so we are planning to only run the fund-raising for only a few weeks - the appeal will close on Sunday 16th Sept.

If funds can be raised through this targeted appeal, CCTV can be put in place very quickly. You can make your valuable donation



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