Chipping Campden Car Parking & the Town Council Update

April 11, 2018

Following the parking report which the forum commissioned and the decision of members to support the introduction of a disc parking system on the High Street, Nick West, Chairman of the Campden Business Forum and I met with representatives of the town council on 16 March. Bullet points of the meeting are as follows:


  • Council focus is on finding an off-street car parking solution. They have three possible sites in mind but agreed this is unlikely to be achieved quickly

  • Town council has never been in favour of High Street restrictions and has concerns on disk parking including:

    • Costs will be high. £10,000 fee to county council which we queried

    • What parts of High Street would be in the scheme

    • Are there liabilities to the distributors of the discs

    • Length of stay permitted

  • We pointed out that the scheme appears to work well in other towns and gave them the names of 9 towns including Marlow (who are currently trying to introduce the system), Eastbourne and several in the north of England

  • Important to recognise that the proposed scheme is not intended to displace all the cars from the High Street but if, say, 10 all-day cars could be removed from the High Street this would in effect create circa 70 x 1 hour spaces

  • Agreed:

    • Council would contact other towns operating disc parking

    • A further meeting with the forum would be held to review the information gathered.


John Ellis,Town Councillor and Chairman of the Town Council Traffic Committee, was at both the 16th March meeting and the breakfast meeting yesterday, confirmed that the council are contacting other towns. We look forward to hearing the results and stressed that no action is not an option; we need action this year and the disc parking option was the most likely to bring immediate benefit.




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