Chipping Campden Parking Survey - Results

November 9, 2017

Earlier this year Campden Business Forum, with funding from Gloucestershire County Council’s Communities Connected programme, commissioned Harris Ethical, a town and transport planning consultancy, to prepare a report on parking in Chipping Campden with the objective of providing factual information about the current situation, to establish whether or not there is a problem and if so the extent of the problem.


The report has taken a long time to produce but it was necessary to conduct three surveys to reflect seasonal variations and we also wanted to examine and challenge aspects of the report before disseminating it to a wider audience.


Notwithstanding the recalibration of Saturday data referred to in the report, in our view the report provides a realistic and detailed appraisal of the parking situation in Chipping Campden and serves to confirm that, particularly in the High Street, parking demand consistently exceeds available capacity to an extent that justifies action in order to stimulate the economic viability and vitality of the town.


We are pleased to attach the report HERE which, you will see, offers six “Future Options”. 

Taking the report as a whole but especially bearing in mind that there appears to be a significant number of long-stayers on the High Street, Campden Business Forum’s Executive Committee considers that Option 4 - a disc parking system - provides a means of teasing out those that may not need to be there and thus free up space for those wishing to park short term, to patronise businesses or visit the town. It would not necessitate any significant expenditure or major upheaval and would be relatively easy to implement.


The Executive Committee intends to present the report and its recommendation to members, for their consideration, at the next breakfast meeting on 5th December.  You can book your place HERE.


However, the Business Forum has no capacity or authority to implement any particular solution. If adopted by those that do have such authority, the details of the scheme will need to be worked out through consultation covering such matters as hours of operation, possible exemptions, participating businesses, amongst others. Campden Business Forum will be pleased to participate in such consultations in order to ensure that parking provision in Campden is optimised to the benefit of businesses and the community of Chipping Campden.





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