Reopening Campden: now’s the time!

We are delighted with the strong support from the business community following our recent launch of the Virtual Exhibition on:

The “Virtual Exhibition” of businesses in and around Campden will be both a web based offering and an display in Campden itself, starting with those that are already open and welcoming more as they reopen. Each new opening will be fan fared. The Virtual Exhibition will be video focussed to promote individual businesses.

There’s still time for any of you yet to decide to add your own story. Simply complete this survey and we’ll do the rest:

To remind you what it’s about:
It is to give a shout out especially to local folk how our businesses in and around Campden are increasingly coming back on stream. And recognise those that never missed a beat.

Virtual Exhibition
  • It’s free*.
  • It’s open to Members and non-Members.
  • In and around Campden
  • If you wish, the Forum will provide assistance to put together your video, again for free. (If a video seems a far reach for you, an alternative is for you to send us maybe 15 photos and some words and we can put together a little slide show with music and a voice over of your words).
  • The video is yours to use later on however you want outside of this project
  • There will be no pressure to become a Member or any other ‘hidden’ hooks !

Replies will be coordinated by Loose Chippings, a Member organisation, that have kindly agreed to undertake this activity, and who will contact you with further details. Alternatively you can email Arthur Cunynghame directly at or visit his website at

Our ask of you? That you broadcast this story across all of your own networks and media channels.

We are already underway with this project with some of the businesses and will be going live in the near future. Please don’t miss the boat. We are waiting to hear from you.

Stephen Spencer

*It will be free to participate but we hope you might like to make a voluntary donation to the Business Forum, . Whatever you can afford £5, £10, £25 whatever but if you contribute £50 you will get a year’s free membership. (30-80-34 44101660)