Cluer HR: Why we wanted to be involved with the Business and Young Entrepreneurs Awards.

We caught up with Kirsten Cluer, Founder of Cluer HR, to understand a bit more about Cluer HR and what sponsoring the ‘Cluer HR Team of the Year Award’ meant to her and her team.

Who or what is Cluer HR?

Cluer HR was founded in 2011, and provides professional HR advice, to small and medium-sized businesses across the country, and we specialise in guiding businesses through the challenges of employment.

Cluer HR’s services range from producing Contracts of Employment and Settlement Agreements, right through to onsite training and Performance Management workshops.

Our ultimate aim is to help businesses to grow through their people.

Why did Cluer HR decide to sponsor the Awards?

We had various reasons for wanting to sponsor the awards. So many of our clients are based in the Cotswolds, so it seemed fitting that we should support something so close to home.

The pandemic has been a tough period for so many of us, and we felt this was a wonderful way to bring people together and not just celebrate their achievements, but mark what we hoped would be the end of a very hard chapter for so many people. We’ve all adapted to home working, but as an HR business, our focus is always on people – so to be a part of a process, that was actually celebrating what people bring to the success of a business and bringing everyone together to do that, was something we wanted to be a part of.

Why did you want to sponsor this particular category?

When I started Cluer HR, I was a single mother with a mortgage to pay. I played every role in the business from Marketing Manager to Accountant, from Sales Manager to Administrator – not forgetting the day job of course – being an HR Business Partner to my loyal clients.

As a growing business, I worked hugely long hours – often until the early hours of the morning. Aside from bank holidays and time at weekends, I didn’t take a holiday for the first three years – they simply weren’t an option. I’m glad to say however that all my hard work paid off, and after 3 long, hard (but brilliantly rewarding) years, I could finally look to recruiting – and that’s exactly what I did!

Suddenly, everything changed. I had a team around me. I had people to share the load with – and talk to. We supported each other, shared ideas and experience, and more than that – we invested in the future growth of the business together.

My work-life balance shifted and became a healthy one again – which is not something I could ever have done without the amazing team I have around me. The novelty of a work-life balance never wears off – I appreciate it every day. It’s the reason I am able to find time to fit in the things that are important to me outside of work; such as spending time with my daughter (or at least being her taxi), and going to the gym!

I understand the value the right team brings to a business, and the people in it, and this is why I particularly wanted to sponsor the ‘Team Awesomeness Award’ (as we like to call it) – or it’s official title ‘The Team of the Year Award’.

Why did Cluer HR want to get involved?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say we hoped to raise the profile of our business, but it certainly wasn’t the only reason.

The last 2 years have been really tough, the world over. The Awards for us is an opportunity to get to know and meet local, like-minded businessmen and women eager to recognise and reward other local businesses, for what they have achieved.

I think it’s important to support and be a part of the local community, and not just from a business perspective. Getting involved with the Awards has meant we have been able to join a new team ourselves, and work on a very different kind of ‘project’ to our usual day-to-day work.

As a mother, I love the fact that the Awards supports and works with Chipping Campden School, to encourage Young Entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to be given at such a young age, and it’s something which is great to be involved with.

What does Cluer hope the awards will achieve?

Last year (2021) was so much more successful than we anticipated. There was still so much nervousness around Covid, that we couldn’t be sure how it would play out on the night, but we planned a wonderful evening, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was the first year that the nominations had been managed via the All About Chipping Campden website, and the first time too, that the public could get involved by nominating their chosen businesses for certain categories.

It worked so well, and there was so much demand for tickets, that we have started to hope the event could be even bigger. Fingers crossed we’ll be in a new and bigger venue this year, with capacity for more attendees and the option for businesses to bring along more guests should they wish to.

Ultimately, it would be amazing if we could grow this event to reach out to businesses across the whole of the North Cotswolds. Nothing like this exists within 50 miles of here (if not further afield), so who knows! We have been approached by a number of businesses wanting to get involved and provide additional sponsorship having seen the success of last year’s event, so watch this space – perhaps we might have an event to rival the Oscars in a few years’ time!

What have you loved about being involved?

The Awards Team is made up of business representatives from each of the sponsors as well as the core Awards team from ‘All About Chipping Campden’. It’s a great mix of people, industries and experiences, so it’s been a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and pool thoughts, and great fun getting involved and working with a new team of people.

Obviously – the icing on the cake for 2021, had to be meeting Loyd Grossman on the night of the ceremony too – so watch this space to see what 2022 has in store, and make sure you have your say when it comes to voting.

How can Cluer HR help your business?

If your business is looking to outsource its HR function, or you are looking to grow your business and are looking for flexible HR support, then contact us to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.