The purpose of the club is to bring together local, like minded, people to enjoy fellowship, serve their community and contribute to local national and international projects.

Within the local Community with your help, we have purchased many significant contributions.

Rotary’s best-know motto is “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”.

So here is an opportunity for you to serve your community, we are always looking for additional new, vibrant, enthusiastic members, in order to attract both men and women to join with us in this enjoyable and worthwhile work we have decided to modify our usual format. We all have many important commitments, however as we enjoy each other’s company and the projects we do together, members now attend as often as they are able, In the past, there was a requirement to attend 60% of meetings, but the Rotary movement recognises that the pressure of modern life have made change necessary. Rotary members find that it provides them with FELLOWSHIP, the opportunity for FUNDRAISING and not least FUN in working together.

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