HG Ventures is a privately owned British company that builds companies. Our strategy is to identify markets where we can compete and make a positive difference. We assemble and empower teams to make these visions a reality. To date we have focused our investments in the recruitment sector.

HG Ventures ambition has always been to be a great place to work. As a group of recruitment companies, our focus is on people, whether that’s our own staff, clients, or candidates.

HG Ventures has grown to hold five companies – HG Ventures, Hunter Gatherer AHP, Hunter Gatherer Mental Health, Navitas Resourcing Group and Vela Medical Group. All companies are built around a set of HG Ingredients that put people, their engagement, development, and wellbeing at the centre of all they do.

Our commitment and investment in employees continues to the subsidiary ownership structures, where management teams have ownership of the company they are running. We believe this enables the management to shape more than just their company and allows them to create a legacy.

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